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Meditation Techniques, How to Meditate for Beginners

Meditation Techniques, Benefits of Meditation, How to Meditate for Beginners, Breathing Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Meditation:-

Meditation has a very important role in losing weight. Meditation makes you fresh and it relax your mind. It is necessary to follow diet and exercises to lose weight. But it is also necessary to prepare ourselves mentally for that. Mental exercise is same needful. Here is an effort o explain how to do meditation. At first relax your body and sit. The environment should be calm and quiet. 

The perfect time for meditation is dawn. Close your eyes slowly. Now, so many thoughts, events may come one by one in your mind. If you want to stop thinking, the other thinks will come. So do not try to stop all these. Now, take a long breathe and try to feel it. After some time, bring your all concentration into the centre point of your forehead and try to see a white colour. If you do not see, try to see it. Now, think that your weight is losing, you became thin and people are congratulating you for that. Think that today you have got so many things. Then concentrate on your breathe and take rest. Now open your eyes slowly.