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Diseases Caused By Too Much Fat, How does fat cause heart disease

Diseases caused by fats, How does fat cause heart disease? Overweight and obesity,
Fat related diseases:-

If your fatness increases more and more, you may be affected by some diseases like heart-diseases, stroke, gall bladder stone, diabetes, cancer, rheumatism etc.

  1. Heart-disease and stroke:-
High level of cholesterol and triglyceride may causes heart-diseases. Heart-disease and stroke may causes death. These diseases are related to fatness and overweight. If fat increases in the artery of brain we may affected by stroke.

  1. Diabetes Type-2:-
Fatness may cause diabetes type-2. Insulin controls the limit of blood sugar in our body but fatness is obstructive. If you are taking medicine of diabetes, work out more.

  1. Breathing Trouble while sleeping:-
Breathing trouble may become deadly disease. Fatness may create difficulties when you are breathing in sleeping. Patient can get relief by losing fat.

  1. Cancer:-
Fatness may cause cancer in our body parts like ovary, breast, womb and gall bladder f women. Men may also be affected by this deadly disease.

  1. Rheumatism:-
We are affected by Rheumatism if the amount of uric acid increases in blood. Some times uric acid is stored in the joining of body parts and causes rheumatism. A fat person has more chances to be attacked by this disease.

  1. High Blood Pressure:-
When we become over-weight, fat is increased in our body. So need more oxygen and as a result blood pressure get higher.

To know more meet your doctor.