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How Many Calories Do We Need or Burn Per Day

How Much Calories Do We Burn, How To Burn Calories, How Much Calories A Day, How Much Calories We Need, How Many Calories To Eat To Lose Weight:-

When we take rest, most of our organs also take rest. At that time, we don’t need more calories. We need very little calorie to keep these organs active. At that time we need about half to 1 calorie per minute.
When we play, run or jog, we need more calories for these works. When we run fast we need about 12 calories per minute.
Our weight losing or weight gaining depends on our calorie taking and calorie burning.
If we take 1600 calories in a day and burn the same, our weight will remain almost same. For this reason, there are two ways to lose weight. 1. Take low calorie foods. 2. Exercise.
According to our physical activities, our calorie burning may be divided in three divisions-Light, Medium and Heavy activities.
  1. Light Activities:
            Teacher, retired people, cobbler, peon, nurse, tailor, barber.
  1. Medium Activities:
            Farmer, Carpenter, Mason, Electrician, Fitter, Clay-modeler, Welder, Driver.
  1. Hard Activities:
            Worker of mines, Wood-cutter, Blacksmith, Engraver.