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How to create an account with IRCTC some Easy and Simple steps

How to create an account with IRCTC:-

13 Easy and Simple Steps to create a new account with IRCTC:-
Creating an account in IRCTC is simple. Just go to the homepage of the website of IRCTC and through the process.
1. Go to the homepage of the website of IRCTC and click on ‘Sign Up’ button located at the left side of the page. An individual registration form will appear.
2. At first select your Security Question from dropdown list and write your answer. If you forget your password IRCTC will identify you with this information.
3. Write your name.
4. Write your gender.
5. Write your marital status.
6. Select your Date of Birth.
7. Select your Occupation.
8. Write your valid Email Id. An activation link will be sent to this Email Id. 
9. Write your valid Mobile number.
A mobile verification code will be sent to this number.
10. Select your Nationality.
11. Now write your Residential Address with Country, PIN Code, State, City/District and Contact Phone number.
12. Now enter the verification code and click on ‘Submit’ button.
13. At last confirm your Email and Mobile number and have an account with IRCTC.
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