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How to sell things on OLX with 10 Easy and Simple Steps

How to post free classified ad on OLX:-

OLX is a popular classified website where you can sell or buy products for free. Is you are looking for selling something even it is a used thing you will have to post an ad on the site and people who will see it and intend to buy it can contact you directly.
At first go to the website of
  1. See at the top left corner and click on “Post Free Ad” button.
  1. Select category in where you want to post the ad.
            After selecting category you will see some sub-category. Now select the sub-
            category. Then a new page will come.
  1. Write Ad Title in the box provided. A great Ad title needs at least 60 characters.
  1. Insert photos of your product (ad). You can add multiple photos of your product taken from different angles. Only jpg, gif and png formats are allowed to upload. You can drag and drop photos from your computer.
  1. Select the type from drop down list (in case of mobile phones etc.)
  1. Write detailed description of your ad.
  1.  Write the price of your product.
After that you have to give information about yourself in ‘Seller Information’ section.
  1. Check if you are an Individual or a Professional/Business.
  1. Write the contact name, e-mail and phone number.
  1. Select location from drop down list.
At last click on ‘Post’ button.